48 Hours in Dallas: The Chic Sojourn

The Guide For Your Elegant Pitstop in Dallas!

Have an upcoming business trip, layover, visiting friends… – and looking for the ultimate shopping experiences, brunch destinations, happy hour spots, etc.?  I’ve got it all right here!

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Swim Into Spring 2017

Resort 2017 Trend Analysis + Where to Shop

The handy dandy swim guide to have at your fingertips when shopping for swimwear for Spring Break and Resort season!

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Weekend Getaway to NYC: The Fashionista Guide

The Stylish NYC Tour Guide for Your Oh So Elegant 72 Hours in the City!

Planning a fashionable destination trip in the city- and aren’t looking for the ‘tourist-y’ spots?  Here’s the ultimate guide to formulate your chicest weekend in the big apple; for NY veterans and first timers alike!

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Beginners Guide to Food Styling

Come With Me on My Food Shoot + My Beginners Guide to Food Styling

One of the side projects I have been taking part in recently has included photography and visual styling.  This sometimes incorporates attending food photoshoots.  My favorite part about food shoots?  The free food, of course!  

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Fashion Photography Tips + DIY Photoshoot

Fashion Photography Tips + Investments/ Step-by-Step for a DIY Professional Photoshoot

In the new era, Fashion Blogging has become the norm.  Simply scrolling down social media feeds nowadays; images are high quality edited professional photos, usually taken by hired professional photographers.  For all of you fashion bloggers or aspiring fashion bloggers- Or if you simply want to spruce up your feed, here are my tips on how to compete, save money, and save time.

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Behind the Bandaids: A Summary

Chasing a Passion for High Fashion + My Survival Guide For the Harder Days

What is driving you to wake up every morning?  Does it get you stirring and excited?  Anxious and jittery to get out of bed and get to work?  If you’re lucky, you have found a passion that urges you to constantly keep moving, empowering you make strides and do better.

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Bag Lady Diaries: Totes Affordable

The Perfect Tote Bag You’ve Been Looking For 

I love my satchels and small bags, but ever since I purchased my oversized tote for work, whenever I find myself reverting back to a smaller bag for no other reason than fashion of course, I find myself struggling because my oversized tote has become so extremely convenient.

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All Dressed Up: Chic Chokers

Where the It Girls are Getting Their Chokers – SPOILER! on a BUDGET

Chokers are my favorite accessory.  They are versatile, easy to layer, and edgy- my exact style.

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The Skinny on NYFW 2017

The Rundown on NYFW 2017 – Everything You Need to Know 

What days are your favorite designers are showing?  Where to watch from home?  I’ve got all the details.

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Cozy Days: Loungewear

Loungewear Shopping Guide + The Softest Denim You Will EVER Encounter

“Adult-ing” seems to be a buzzword among a lot of my friends and I lately; whether we’re good at it or not is a whole other discussion.

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