Tripping and Falling: a Blog Intro

Introducing the Blog

Who?  For all the inbetweeners caught somewhere along their dreams and their achievements.  For all of the starving artists.  For all of the visionaries.  For all of the master perpetrators.

What?  Welcome to an online memoir of my fanciful thought bubbles where I gab about everything from fashion, lifestyle, media, and travel.  Entrepreneur and fashionista by day, blogger and dreamer by night.  A fashionista can consist of many things, and in my case, the definition changes consistently; that’s exciting to me.  Lately, the term ‘fashionista’ has consisted of chasing this thing called ‘passion.’

Why blog?  I wanted to have, yet, another creative outlet for self expression and inspiration.  I hope through sharing my stories and experiences, I can evoke positivity and inspire individuals to venture out and not be afraid to take leaps of faith.

Let’s trip and fall on our way to the top together, (I’ve got the band-aids…)

xx Hayley

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