DIY Wardrobe Makeover: Step-by-Step

Closet Organization Tips

Is your closet looking a little ‘blah’ lately?  Does it have the potential to be something really amazing, but maybe just needs a little love?  Here are some step-by-step tips on how you can audit your own closet for the new year!

1) Separate apparel into piles: donate/discard/maybe/keep

-Donate: Items that are still in good condition, but you know you will no longer have use for in your wardrobe

-Discard: Items that have been lingering around for years and may be damaged, do not fit, etc. (These are always hard to let go of; sometimes you have to make an executive decision!)

-Maybe: Items that are in good condition, make decision whether to keep or donate after separation of piles

-Keep: Staple items, classic pieces, favorites, items you know you will wear


When I’m working on wardrobe makeovers with my clients, I LOVE investing in all new hangers for their closets because it makes such a difference!

If you’re looking for a money saver: or if you just visit your nearest available Container Store, The Container Store offers 72 classic heavy-gauge plastic tubular hangers for under $25!

The Container Store also offers a case of 40 non-slip Huggable hangers for under $30!


2) Which closet organization style best suits your lifestyle?

  • By Season: Fashionistas, this choice is for you if you want to display all of your favorite collection items for that given season. This is also a good choice for those of you with smaller closets.  If all of your clothes don’t fit, then put your clothes away as the season passes.
  • By Clothing Type: For the gal who likes to have similar items together. For those who like all of their options visible to them at first glance.  This option is ideal for easily putting outfits together.
  • Separate Work and Casual: If you own more work clothes than you do casual or vis versa, you may be interested in separating your work/office attire from your casual attire. This is optimal for some because it separates the everyday clothes and the business attire.
  • By how often you wear them: If you wear some items more than other than you could place those front and center. It’s no use having clothes you never wear easily available, give priority to the clothes that you wear every week or month.


3) Organize your clothes by color progression from light to dark. This adds a clean and chic element to your wardrobe.


…and voila!  You have a *brand new* wardrobe! 

**There are millions of people across the world that could benefit from your gently used clothing!  Here are a list of organizations worldwide in which you can contribute your donations.


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