Behind the Bandaids: A Summary

Chasing a Passion for High Fashion + My Survival Guide For the Harder Days

What is driving you to wake up every morning?  Does it get you stirring and excited?  Anxious and jittery to get out of bed and get to work?  If you’re lucky, you have found a passion that urges you to constantly keep moving, empowering you make strides and do better.

If you have chosen the path of a creative or artistic field like me, then you know when you hit the mid twenties, the struggle is so real.

There’s the balance between trying to fit into the ‘norm’ of a corporate field and following your heart.  I’ve come across this more than multiple times and sometimes still find myself succumbing to norms to make other people happy.  In the end, if you are truly, so incredibly passionate about what you are trying to accomplish in life, and if it is something creative and artistic, doing something simply for the sake of pleasing others will not make you happy.

Let’s talk about ‘the starving artist.’  The starving artist is, in fact, truly, starving because he/she chose to take the path less traveled.  Was it popular?  No.  Did it make him/her money?  No.  Did the artist stick to his or her guns and have faith that things would in fact turn out great?  Yes.  Passion in a wonderful tool and a magical thing, if you have it and you’ve found your true calling, never let it go.

.          .          .

Let’s Get Personal: I’ve Got a Case of the Mid 20’s

To an extent, I always knew I was a little bit eccentric.  I was just a little more unconventional and growing up in the public school system I always preferred expressing myself through my clothes and styling my outfits then being vocal.  I was not much of a talker.

Survival Tip: I learned the most about people and life from being an outside observer.

6 weeks into my first semester of College, I was driving home for break on the highway and I passed out on the highway.  I was later diagnosed with a disorder that makes me think differently than others.  This was a setback.  I took a semester off, I lost my independence for a few years with being handicapped, but I never stopped chasing my dreams for a second.  This is when I had a lot a spare time on my hands and first started my website.

Survival Tip: Wear your seatbelt.  Really.

Your first REAL retail job will change your life…literally.  I’m talking about the job that provides you with the learning experience, the room for growth, confidence, and friendships.  My first came with all of these things, and I treasure the experience.

Survival Tip: True friends are the ones you can learn from and vise versa.

The Internships that changed my life were the ones that allowed me creative freedom and led to CONNECTIONS.  I benefitted greatly from each and every internship I ever took and am forever grateful for each experience.  Whenever I told people I was taking an internship as an adult, the first question they asked was why, simply because I already had a job and because I already had multiple internships, the second thing they would ask me was if I was getting paid.

Survival Tip: Say YES to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.  You’re never done learning.

The first time somebody told me I was never going to amount to anything in the business I cried.  Harsh?  Yes.  Has this happened more than once?  Definitely.  Whenever somebody tells you that you aren’t good enough, simply know your worth.  High fashion and the world in general is difficult business.  Sometimes, you have to put your game face on and realize that everybody else is ‘faking’ it too.

Survival Tip: Set your ego aside.  Listen.  See what you can learn from the experience.  Never burn bridges.

.          .          .

Where do you find yourself today?  Maybe you’re unemployed.  Maybe you’re struggling to make ends meet.  Maybe you’re stuck at a job that has left you lifeless and sucked the life out of you and you don’t know where to go next.

Let me tell you about all it took for ME to be re-inspired.

I was going through a serious personal struggle.  I was stuck at a job that left me lifeless.  I was uninspired.  I was unhappy.  I lashed out at loved ones around me because I was unhappy.  My health was in a very unstable condition.

I worked and attended an amazing and beautiful fashion show at the Perot Museum in Downtown Dallas, put on by my friends, Nine Muses Collection.  It was the first time I had ever attended a solo fashion show displaying an entire season collection.  After all of the hard work I know I had put into the show; it just took my friends believing in me, and knowing that I had their support.  When the music came on and the beautiful gowns started down the runway, I was in full fledged blubbering tears.  I knew in that moment, I was on the right path and that I was meant to be following my dreams.


Dreams are only dreams until you do something about it.

So what’s stopping you?