Fashion Photography Tips + DIY Photoshoot

Fashion Photography Tips + Investments/ Step-by-Step for a DIY Professional Photoshoot

In the new era, Fashion Blogging has become the norm.  Simply scrolling down social media feeds nowadays; images are high quality edited professional photos, usually taken by hired professional photographers.  For all of you fashion bloggers or aspiring fashion bloggers- Or if you simply want to spruce up your feed, here are my tips on how to compete, save money, and save time.

Investments are important.  

Investing in quality mechanics is always a good idea to build a strong professional platform.  Things I recommend investing in are:

  • Quality camera or quality lens (so you don’t have to hire a professional photographer as often.)
  •  Photoshop now offers a MONTHLY payment plan, whereas before payment was annually. (Now more affordable*)
  • Quality apparel rolling rack- This comes in handy when putting together looks/outfits for photoshoots.  The Container Store offers a reasonably priced one that you can easily detach and re-attach to travel/ i.e. pack in your car. 

.          .          .

Let’s Get Organized! Step-by-Step

When planning for a photoshoot- organization is key. Things on set move extremely fast paced, and during the day of, you don’t want to forget any key things.

  • Make investments for your fashion photography ventures so you can have the best possible output.
  • Make a ‘Post Program’ or Calendar or all of your upcoming blog posts, outfit looks, or whatever you are setting out to take photographs of, etc. Spending one 4-5 hour session taking photographs (with several outfit changes and locations) can make due for a good month’s worth of content for a blog/Instagram/website etc. if you use your time and content wisely.
  • Scout and make a list of locations prior to photoshoot to save time the day of the shoot.
  • Make a list of detailed shots that you wish to take during the shoot: (for example, details of shoes, details of jewelry, specific poses, have screenshots saved, and Pinterest boards saved for inspiration.

.          .          .

Fashion Photography Tips + Editing

  • Take more than plenty of photos so that you have multiple selections.
  • When shooting outfits, don’t forget to get detailed shots as well (close-ups)
  • If you need fresh ideas, flat lays are always a good idea for an easy, clean, shot.
  • When editing, people tend to be attracted to clean, bright, and crisp images.
  • New trends in editing are increasing brightness, exposure, highlights, with minimal increase in contrast and fade + blurred background / focus on details of oufit*


-Dress: LNA

-Blouse: Lou & Grey

-Shoes: Sam Edelman

-Accessories: Nicole Kwon Concept Store / Michael Kors

.          .          .

Let’s Take it to the Next Level

Summer 2015, I had the opportunity to style and assist style two back-to-back photoshoots for Coldwater Creek.

For this shoot- since it was a two day-er, we rented out a standard long van to be our makeshift “changing room.”  This option is perfect if you are opting to hit multiple locations with many outfit locations in a short period of time.

On set- Model changing area


.          .          .

It’s all in the planning and the details.  Ready to try out your newfound photography skills?


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