Beginners Guide to Food Styling

Come With Me on My Food Shoot + My Beginners Guide to Food Styling

One of the side projects I have been taking part in recently has included photography and visual styling.  This sometimes incorporates attending food photoshoots.  My favorite part about food shoots?  The free food, of course!  

Office Preparation:  

Prior to any kind of photoshoot; whether its fashion, lifestyle, media, culture, food, etc., preparation is always key.

  • Making a shot list- or a list of ideas of camera work/angles/photos that you want to take the day of the shoot are important.  It is vital that your shot list be as detailed as possible.
  • Pinterest Boards- are quintessential on set of photoshoots to refer to for inspiration.  Usually during food shoots you only have a short amount of time to shoot a certain item.  If you have a ‘writer’s block’ moment, while food styling, pulling up your inspiration board could help give you fresh ideas.


The proper lighting and time is key when scheduling a photoshoot.  Overcast weather, can sometimes turn out for the perfect photographs.

-Keep in mind, all photos can- and will most likely be edited, so lighting can easily be fixed*


  • Declutter and simplify.  People tend to be attracted to clear, clean, and crisp images.  This requires more white space/negative space.
  • Lifestyle.  People like feel like they can relate to an image, even if it is just a picture of food.  Interacting or having someone interact with the food during a food shoot is a good way to have an food image appear ‘lifestyle.’
  • When styling, make sure the food still looks lived in.  Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away in over styling.  
  • Ask for props.  Wines, glasses, utensils, etc.  Everything you need to stage your perfect picture.

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