Around the World: …In One City

A cultural experience in one city… none other than our beloved NYC!

Never been out of the states, but are dying to experience new cultures and authentic cultural food?  Here is my personal guide for your next escapade, without having to leave the country!  NYC cultural cuisine is always guaranteed to be the real deal!

My most recent trip to the city, I made it a goal of mine to venture out and try new cuisines that I haven’t strived to visit in the past; and I definitely wasn’t disappointed!


Eat your way through the best of NYC- while experiencing all authentic ethnic backgrounds!  A new experience for every day of the week!

  • FRENCH- Le Pain Quotidien -I personally think this is one of the best places for an exquisite brunch; expect a wonderful meal and a special experience.  This little spot makes you feel like you’re dining at a Parisian cafe.
  • ITALIAN- Galli Soho -Located in the shopping district of Soho, this is the ultimate place to sit and relax at the end of the day with a nice glass of red wine… along with your favorite Italian dish.
  • AUSTRALIAN- Ruby’s Cafe -This was a completely new experience for me… but a great and unique one to say the least!  Get a true taste of Aussie cuisine at Ruby’s in Soho!
  • AMERICAN-MEDITERRANEAN- Chirping Chicken -Feelin’ lazy?  This unique restaurant offers takeout and delivery options, with several locations in Manhattan!
  • JAPANESE- Ajisai NY -Anybody who is close to me knows that I am extremely picky with my sushi… and this bistro in Midtown is by far one of the best sushi experiences I have ever had!  This Japanese fusion restaurant is great for special occasions.
  • CHINESE- Noodle Village -This special joint tucked away deep in Chinatown is known for its sizable menu and variety of Chinese fare.  The best thing about this restaurant?  It’s 100% authentic, quick, and inexpensive!
  • CHINESE DIM SUM- Dim Sum Palace -Dim Sum is always a wonderful lunch experience with either close friends or family.  What I loved about this restaurant located in Midtown, was that it was spacious and immaculate.  Perfect for a big group or gathering.
  • VEGAN- The Butcher’s Daughter -I am definitely a carnivore and usually don’t enjoy vegan or vegetarian cuisine, but this little eatery with locations in West Village and Nolita, was surprisingly enjoyable!  I most enjoyed their wide range of smoothies, and I felt very satisfied,  energetic, and healthy after I left!
*All original photography.

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